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Motivation comes in many forms and, for me, it was always about being the best that I could be.


Even when the odds were stacked against me at the beginning of my Paralympic journey - I had no funding, I had no coach, I had no access to a swimming pool, I have no legs and only forearms; I was determined that I wouldn’t be defined by the obstacles in my way.


I would be remembered for removing those obstacles and proving to others that anything is possible. 3 Paralympic Gold Medals and 3 World Records later, with hard work, the right team around me and determination, I knew I could do anything.


One of the first lessons I learnt about competitive sports was this: “Never look anyone in the eye.” And I didn’t. This focus has allowed me to ignore the doubts, the can’ts and the barriers to find a way to achieve my goals.
Now it’s my turn to help you to do the same.

Sports Clubs, Voluntary Groups, Charities

I’ve been a club member, volunteer, committee member and club officer over the last 30 years and I know the challenges that supporting a grassroots club or community organisation can throw at you. Whether it’s supporting workforce development, sourcing funds, giving you guidance on the development of your club, recruiting and retaining volunteers or supporting the promotion of the organisation I can help you to keep moving forward.


My experience as a Sport Development Officer has meant I’ve worked closely with many schools and their PE departments. With more and more disabled young people becoming included in mainstream education, I’ve helped mainstream schools as well as special schools to advise on training in inclusive PE practices, guidance on adapted/Paralympic sport, supported the coordination of inclusive sports events calendars and helped them to identify and provide exit routes into community clubs.

Colleges & Universities

The London 2012 Paralympic Games proved that people could no longer ignore disability sport. Sports coaching, sports journalism, sport science, sports psychology, sports development – whatever the discipline, there’s an ever increasing demand among sports courses to ensure adapted elements are considered. My experience as a Paralympic athlete and as a Sports Development professional allows me to bring accessibility into the learning environment.


What’s the biggest challenge your workforce is facing right now? Are your team in need of leadership, teamwork and a desire to succeed? The principles and discipline needed for a Paralympic athlete are no different to a business. I can help you and your staff overcome the mental barriers that are stopping you and your staff from achieving their potential - whether you’re a corner shop or a multi-national company. The power of your mind is far greater than the body.